Smart home automation

Home automation is the application of mobile and IT to control your home's lighting, heating and appliances more conveniently and efficiently.

It can be as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights, or it can be a complete system that controls all major parts of your home, custom set to your own personal preference. Home automation provides you with more convenience, safety and energy saving around your home.

OpenPark Smart Parking System

OpenPark is an integrated Parking Management and vehicle access solution. It integrates several sensors according to customer site needs including ANPR cameras, RFID readers, barcode ticket dispenser and reader using secure QR-Code. It also includes a complete POS system, shift management, cash accounting, collection, ticket printing manually and through ticket dispenser and much more.

- Centralized management can work with unlimited number of entry and exit lanes
- Automatic Number Plate Recognition that works worldwide including Egypt Number plates
- Free subscription lane, ticket dispenser for non-members, ticket readers, e-payment with NFC

OpenPark demo

Open Park offers a new concept to provide guidance navigation and accounting for parking users whether at parking lots or street parking.

With just a QR code scan on a static board you can sign-in and out of any parking space with minimal investment for parking owners and municipalities and much more convenience for car drivers.

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OpenPark Technologies

Complete portfolio of smart city solutions

OpenPark is the leading manufacturer of a complete portfolio of ITS and Mobility solutions offering design services from concept to detailed design as well as implementation support.
Our experience covers the following:
      • Parking Management and Guidance, Gate access control and License plate recognition.
      • Smart street lighting with central monitoring and control
      • Infrastructure SCADA solution for water, waste water, electricity infrastructure
      • Street traffic sensors and intersection control with adaptive control and Red light violation system.
      • Street digital signage
      • Managed Public WIFI services
      • Building automation Systems and Smart home automation

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Industrial Automation

Latest News

Featured Solution

As part of the close collaboration with Open Minds CIT in Egypt our smart parking solution OpenPark Cloud was selected by the Egyptian Armed Forces as the main platform for new constructions such a Egypt Exhibition center
OPEN MINDS TRAFFIC SYSTEMS provides different kinds of detectors to collect and store traffic data. Our well proven outstations and systems software process this information to provide both local and centrally coordinated highway control including specialized systems for tunnels. Easily accessible data allows operators to quickly recognize problems and react appropriately. Timely and accurate travel information allows drivers to plan their trips, make reliable decisions before and during their journeys and to arrive at their destination on time and with minimum stress.