Integrated OpenPark ITS solutions

Based on long experience in ITS systems implementations OpenPark offers the best practices and know how for ITS implementations whether that be for urban traffic, intercity highway management, tunnel management including industrial automation and control for tunnels as well as parking systems.

Smart Parking Solution

OpenPark is an integrated Parking Management, tolling and vehicle access solution. It integrates several sensors according to customer site needs including ANPR cameras, RFID readers, Barcode ticket dispenser and readers using secure QR-Code. It also includes a complete POS system, shift management, cash accounting and collection, ticket printing manually and through ticket dispenser. OpenPark mobile app is a game changer in the parking guidance industry with Google Map integration for free available parking spots. Main features include:
- Centralized management can work with unlimited number of entry and exit lanes
- Automatic Number Plate Recognition that works worldwide including Egypt Number plates
- Free subscription lane, ticket dispenser for non-members, ticket readers, e-payment with NFC

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Urban Traffic Management

Traffic control and management remains a particular challenge in densely populated cities and towns. A more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, harmonized traffic flows, emission-related traffic control, prioritization of public transport means and the focus on pedestrian safety are some of OpenPark TRAFFIC SYSTEMS’ approaches to better manage urban mobility. OpenPark TRAFFIC SYSTEMS has proven that its solutions in constant traffic monitoring and adaptive traffic control help reduce travel times. Adaptive traffic control systems by OpenPark trace and detect traffic data and actuate optimum management strategies for the regulation of urban traffic.

Tunnel Management Systems

OpenPark Technologies provides a complete engineering consulting services for the design and implementation of tunnel management system covering all light current solutions required for tunnel safety and traffic management.
ITS is a vital part of tunnel management, as it allows tunnel operators to quickly manage traffic without the risk of human errors, in many cases on the basis of automatic traffic monitoring. Important systems and tools for traffic management include traffic models that determine management strategies, systems for traffic signaling, systems for traffic notifications (VMS), and systems for emergency and incident response.
Our solution includes the equipment and services required to implement a complete infrastructure for networking and communication and control for the whole tunnel management system according to the pyramid structure described blow:

Smart Highway Management

OpenPark TRAFFIC SYSTEMS provides different kinds of detectors to collect and store traffic data. Our well proven outstations and systems software process this information to provide both local and centrally coordinated highway control including specialized systems for tunnels.
Easily accessible data allows operators to quickly recognize problems and react appropriately.