OpenPark Technologies

OpenPark is the leading European manufacturer of a complete portfolio of Parking Management and Access control solutions since 2002. Our manufacturing facilities are located near Budapest while we keep developing new IOT solutions for the Mobility industry for the global market.

Why OpenPark is unique

OpenPark is the only Parking systems vendor offering a complete portfolio including the legacy entry/exit terminals, pay stations along with Mobile parking solution with Android and IOS support, on-street and off-street parking solutions as well as a very innovative parking guidance system that shows you the way to free spot whether in a parking lot or in city streets.

About Us

Our experience covers the following areas:

  • Manufacturing of Parking Management and Parking revenue control
  • Parking Guidance systems
  • Gated communities vehicle access control
  • Mobile access control
  • License plate recognition solutions
  • Infrastructure SCADA solutions for smart city infrastructure
  • Street traffic sensors and intersection control
  • Red light violation system.


Our Vision

We believe mobility is one of the fastest growing industries and technology that will enable smooth flows of people and vehicles around smart cities is one of the fastest growing technology areas.
Such solutions include mobile apps based on Cloud and IoT technology for traffic management, parking management and control, personnel access, identification of people and vehicles and data analytics of such flows.

Our Mission

We aim to be one of the leading technology developers and global providers for solutions supporting the Mobility industry and people and vehicle flow control


We are committed to investing in R&D to keep developing our product line serving personnel and vehicle access and flow monitoring and control.

We maintain and grow our engineering consulting line of business to support large construction development projects as Engineering service provider.

1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 7-8.. Hungary

Tel: +36-702175650

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