Access and Intercom

Support IP-SIP protocol. They allow calls from VoIP, PSTN or mobile phones through IP PBX. It is possible their use with IP PBXs with all the functionalities, besides supporting IP-SIP video calls.

The IP-SIP video-telephone allows communication from any part of the building either by WIFI or wired, from where calls or door announcements
can be attended. The perfect combination for the IP-SIP intercom and WIFI with Color Camera.

Home automation, Alarms and Security features

  • Video intercom basic functions
  • Audio and Video intercom
  • Supports 8 alarm zones
  • Input message from central control
  • Recording intercom (Image, Video and Audio)
  • Camera monitoring 8 channels
  • Home automation
  • Multimedia Playback (MP3, MP4, photos)
  • Answering machine mailbox with video or voice message
  • IP-SIP Communication
  • WEB Navigation
  • Elevators Control
  • Remote monitoring and control of inputs and outputs