Intercom Stations

IP Intercom Master and sub-stations are intended for use by anyone who can respond to incoming visitors that would be the resident in his apartment, security officer or even a centralized control room for large facilities.

Multifunction Touchscreen ideal for intercom, security, access control and home automation

These are devices that allow the integration of different systems for visualization and interaction through IP communication with graphic and
touch interface.
Also they can integrate different systems like IP SIP intercommunication, video surveillance, control, alarms, public address systems, sound
and I/O devices in the rooms where they are installed.

They support up to 8 alarm zones (8 inputs) to which Fire, Gas, Smoke, Door/Window Open, Infrared, Emergency sensors can be connected.
They have outputs for control of external devices via 485 (lights, curtains, TV on/off, etc.).
They can be integrated to video surveillance systems (CCTV) and IP cameras, to view both intecoms cameras and independent IP cameras (up to 8 IP cameras can be viewed).

Friendly (GUI) Graphical User Interface and Multimedia

They have a friendly graphical interface that can be customized in: colors, actions, buttons, security, access, alarms, etc.
They have navigation menus for the different options of communication, security, control, video, multimedia, etc.
In addition, they can display announcements or advertising for installations in commercial or business offices.

Multimedia and sound

It is possible the reproduction of images, audio and video and the recording of video and voice messages.
Also it is possible to connect speakers for sound and public address system in the rooms and lounges.

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