OpenPark Entry/Exit station

OpenPark is an integrated Parking Management, tolling and vehicle access solution. It integrates several sensors according to customer site needs including ANPR cameras, RFID readers, Barcode ticket dispenser and reader using secure QR-Code. It also includes a complete POS system, shift management, cash accounting and collection, ticket printing manually and through ticket dispenser and mobile application.

Every vehicle entry/exit record is documented with a snapshot and or Video clip with time stamp, relevant ticket or RFID card data used in the event.

IP Voice Intercom based on SIP protocol to integrated with any third-party IP telephony or standard based Intercom solution or even with IP integrated radio systems

  • Time and date display.
  • Voice prompt.
  • QR code ticket printing and scanning.
  • Removable ticket tray with capacity of 1000 fan-folded tickets.
  • Online and offline operation with server synchronization through TCP/IP
  • Available communication interfaces: Ethernet port, WiFi integrated module, USB, RS-232
  • Battery backup for real-time clock.
  • Thermostatically controlled heater/ventilation fan with on/off/auto switch.
  • Access control optional support for Mifare RFID (13.5MHz), Proximity cards (125KHz), Long range RFID (UHF EPC Global),  QR code printed ticket,  anonymous ticket printing for guest through push button, mobile app scanning for gate QR code through cloud solution or remotely by operator.
  • License plate recognition option supported and requires the OGC and LPR engine license
  • Multiple ticket option through administration interface according to RFID card or pre-printed ID with QR code.
  • Special ticket for valet parking.
  • Ticket sensor for low or empty tray
  • ES-01: Barcode ticket printer, Audio intercom
  • ES-02: Barcode ticket printer and checker, Audio intercom
  • ES-03: Barcode ticket checker, intercom
  • ES-0x-RF: Integrated RFID reader
  • ES-0x-RF-P: Proximity
  • ES-0x-RF-M: Mifare
  • ES-0x-RF-L: Long range
  • ES-0x-V: Video intercom

Note: Different colors available to match the used parking barrier color

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