OpenPark PayStation

OpenPark Pay-station controller is the industrial touch screen computer integrated within each OpenPark Pay-station running the self-service interface of the OpenPark web-based system. It is integrated into the OpenPark Entry and Exit Terminals though the OpenPark server.

Integrated payment terminal

Main features

  • Online communication to remote computer through TCP/IP over wired or wireless communication
  • Integrate with local hosted or cloud based OpenPark server.
  • Compute multiple parking fees based on entry times on ticket from ticket dispenser.
  • Compute multiple taxes by percent and fixed amount as per parameters set in OpenPark admin interface.
  • Programmable lost ticket function.
  • Self-service payment with fee display and accounting.
  • Accept payment by cash and credit/debit card (PCI compliant pin pad and chip card reader for Visa and Master)
  • Support loyalty cards and memberships.
  • Compute change for cash payment.
  • Print receipts on demand.
  • Remote management from OpenPark server with centralized reports.
  • Unlimited ticket types and discount rates.
  • Built-in service diagnostics and service mode for maintenance.
  • Local log for validation of server-based reporting for cash and ticket events.
  • Integrated voice intercom.
  • Integrated camera for personal image recording with each transaction.

Order information

PS-01-RFM                 Self-service pay terminal standard.

PS-01-RFM-CC          Self-service pay terminal with user cam.

PS-01-RFM-CC -I      Self-service pay terminal with IP intercom.