OpenPark server

OpenPark is an integrated universal access control solution including Parking Management, tolling and vehicle access solution as well pedestrian access control including ticketing and time attendance.

It integrates several sensors according to customer site needs including ANPR cameras, RFID readers, Barcode ticket dispenser and reader using secure QR-Code. It also includes a complete POS system, shift management, cash accounting and collection, ticket printing manually and through ticket dispenser and mobile application.

Basic functionality Automated gate control: number plate is read when a vehicle arrives to the checkpoint number plate is evaluated from database blacklist and whitelist management. It can be verified against any open interface external access control server.
In case of using barcode or RFID an entry station is used and snapshot triggering is driven by entry station.
Parking ticket support The system offers a parking fee calculation when a vehicle leaves the area or as a flat rate at entry or exit
Parking membership support Membership can be provided through RFID cards for long periods like month or more and also printed barcode tickets can be used for less periods like one week.
Number of gates Each gate needs either one OpenPark camera or OpenPark camera and entry / exit station. Unlimited gates can be connected to one central Open Park server.
Supported plate types Number plate recognition for different countries and character types are supported: all Latin, Arabic. Customized high accuracy performance is guaranteed for Egypt license plates.
User management Different user privileges can be set: admin, operator, collector
Supported languages Web interface languages: Arabic, English and French.
Triggering When an external device (e.g. loop or photocell or entry station) detects the arrival of a vehicle, it sends a signal through the camera to the system that executes the entire access control procedure
Permission management Number plates can be categorized in Blacklist and white list.
Warning is raised upon unauthorized activity and barrier is open in case of authorized vehicle.
Logging Every event is archived in local MySQL database on the OpenPark entry station or inside the OpenPark camera. Every unrecognized plate will be stored with the time stamp and image in the local database. The operator will have a chance to correct the plate number manually.
Data export/import csv import for
Blacklists and white lists, members database, pre-paid accounts
Architecture OpenPark server runs on a central management server to control OpenPark entry stations connected over TCP/IP and management interfaces and Point of Sale are provided as web based applications that can run on thin client or any Windows, Apple or even Android device.
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