Parking Displays

Variable message signs are the displays that guides the drivers by showing instructions and free spot counts whether that be beside the outdoor entry of the parking or inside the parking at each spot where the driver can take a decision.

Receive the free spot count information from central OpenPark server and display the amount of the available lots

Outdoor LED display is composed of high intensity outdoor LED module, driving circuit, controlling circuit, frame and other parts. It receives the statistic information from the central controller, and display at the external entrance of the parking

Different sizes available while standard 3 digit and one flash for a zone count is basic design, dual zone is also possible. Indoor and outdoor are both IP66 however high brightness LEDs are used for outdoor signs indicating total free spots in a parking lot.

RGB full matrix LED is used in both types with Ethernet controller to be controlled directly from the OpenPark server. The built-in controller continually gets then zone counts from the server through MQTT protocol making the solution fully MQTT compliant and compatible with any third party IoT platform.

Samples of our Parking displays

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