Security Baggage Scanner Machine

Security inspection for carry-on baggage or parcels etc. It is an ideal security inspection system to inspect small size baggage in railway stations, bus stands, government institutions, mall centers, multiplex theaters, hotels etc.

Main Features

  • Compact Design
  • High density alarm
  • Cost Effective
  • Extremely High Resolution
  • Multi-language support
  • Assist to detect drug and explosive powder

System functions

TIP (Threat Image Projection), high density alarm, date / time display, baggage counter, user management, system timing, ray beam timing, power on self test, image storage and search maintenance and diagnosis, bi-directional scanning, image recognition training.

Technical indexes

General Specification
Tunnel Size505mm(Width)*307mm(Height)
Conveyor Speed0.2m/s
Conveyor Height730mm
Conveyor Max.Load100kg(Uniform distribution)
Resolution40AWG(0.0787mm of wire) 44 SWG
Penetrable Resolution32AWG(0.202mm) 35 SWG
Penetration10mm of steel
Monitor17” color screen; Screen resolution:1280×1024
X-ray Generator
Anode Voltage80Kvp
Cooling/DutycycleSealed oil cooling/ 100%
Dose per InspectionLess than 1.0μGy
Image Processing System
Image Enhancement FeaturesColor/black&white image, organic/inorganic materials image, variable absorption rate, edge-enhancement, negative image, high/low penetration, pseudo image
Selection and enlargementvariable zoom, 1-32 times enlargement, support continuous enlargement
Image PlaybackChecked image playback
Storage CapacityAt least 100,000 images
Radiation Safety
Radiation leakageLess than 0.5μGy /hIn full compliance with all international radiation safety requirements and external emissions limits.
Film SafetyIn accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard
Installation Data
External Dimensions1719mm(Length)*761mm(Width)*1183mm(Height)
Power Consumption0.6kVA
Operating Voltage220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz
Stabilized Power Supply ParameterInput voltage: 220VAC (± 15%) 50Hz (± 5%)Output voltage: 220VAC (± 1%) 50Hz ± 1Hz
Operation temperature0°C±3°C~+40°C±2°C
Storage Temperature-40±3°C~+60±2°C
Relative Humidity5%~95%(Non-condensing)